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Information Technology
history & background


New developments in Information Technology (IT) inevitably have a direct impact on the Information Exchange in Politics, Business and Military establishments. Even in the past the delivering speed of a message has often been a deciding factor between victory and defeat.

19th Century researchers in radio-telegraphy brought about the raw material for today’s IT in which all the original procedures are now electronically compounded. Marconi, Morse and Bell are world known inventors. In Germany, pioneers such as Reis, the Count of Arco and Huelsmeyer have received lesser recognition and Ferdinand Schneider from Fulda has remained almost completely unnoticed?

But Technology alone has hardly a life of its own. The choice of its employment is what gives it a true identity recognizable only in the marks left by it throughout time. History shows that even the best of materials can fulfill its highest potentials only in the hands of the most competent people.

The way from the Wigwag Signal to the digital Information Exchange has received here extensive coverage.

Part I, 560 pages, ISBN 3-8334-2996-8

Part II, 636 pages, ISBN 3-8334-2997-6

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Born in Stuttgart in 1963. Lives in Denmark with his wife. Studied electro-mechanics and energy plant electronics with extensive technical training in the US-Navy. After five years of active seaduty his experience won him the position of technical instructor in different academical environments.

His introduction to the world of networks found him as IT-Security representative. At the same time he took new task as instructor, founding especially challanging the teaching of communications history, which included guiding national and international group excursions through a historical exposition. He gained additional experience as Database-, Systems- and Network Administrator and he is presently active in character-oriented Information Exchange.

Joachim Beckh discovered his pleasure for writing during his school and sea-duty years. He published articles in the newspaper of the communication school of the Austrian army, the MarineForum, the F-Flagge (Communication Newspaper of the German Army) and the MF-QTC (Newspaper of Naval Radio Operators). His professional expertise served and supported the making of documentaries such as the ZDF report on the life of Admiral Canaris and the BBC Television-Series ?Battle of the Atlantic?.

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