MV "Cap San Diego"


MV "Cap San Diego", DLØMFH and KidsDay2006/01


MV "Cap San Diego", DLØMFH and KidsDay2006/01

Children to the microphon
Kid's Day aboard the MV "Cap San Diego"


MV "Cap San Diego"

MV "Cap San Diego" was commissioned in 1962 for the shipping company Hamburg Süd (Hamburg Southamerican Steamship Company) as a cargo ship. Since 1986 the ship serves as a floating museum in the harbour of Hamburg moored at the "Überseebrücke". Since then the radio station is in use for the MF-Runde as the club station DLØMFH.

Like last years, German radio amateurs organised a nation and an international "Kids' day" on 7th and 8th January. This meant also for us from the "Cap San Diego", to take part in it. Thanks to the close cooperation with the Hamburg Museum of Communication located at Stephansplatz, it was possible to get in contact with a 2m frequency. Thus, parents, grandparents an grandchildren needed to pay the reduced admission fee for the museum and the "Cap" only once.

Unfortunately, last summer, when "Kids' day" was organised on 18th of June, there was almost no interest in the media for it, only one short notice of the event appeared in the press. Therefore there were than only a few visitors.

This year it was different.

Already on Thursday the biggest regional daily newspaper "Hamburger Abendblatt" wrote about "Kids' day". Even in those columns, where the paper usually reports "Schiffsbewegungen", the harbour journalist Mr. Wiese pointed to the "Cap San Diego".

I do stress the aspect that much because I want to show how important is it for us to work with the media.

KDY2a     KDY2b

Kids at DK0MKH at the museum of communication, next
Heino, DK9HH, and Gerd, DL3HCV, aboard the "Cap San Diego" at DLØMFH

On this dull saturday morning it was Heino, DK9HH MF288, and Gerd, DL3HCV MF944, who came to the "Cap San Diego" on time to wait for visitors. As a working frequency we agreed at 144,775 MHz with Peter from VFDB at the museum station DK0MKH. Our captain, Mr Weber, an his wife made available the "Funksonderzeugnis" (special radio certificate) that was printed by themselves with the emblem of the "Cap San Diego".

Shorty after 10 a.m. the invasion of fathers, mothers, granddaddies and grannies with their kids from 4 to 12 began. Some of the kids immediately spoke into the microphone and wouldn't stop, others clearly showed some shyness confronting the unknown. Real enthusiasm was caused by our key. With the help of a decoder the signs were made visible on a monitor. If the word "EIS" (Germ: ice cream) was fed in (almost) correctly. the little "operator" was honoured with a certificate. A "Cap San Diego"-stamp could be added at the cash desk and the children proudly went away.

Quite early Anna Rüter, a reporter for the hamburg city radio station 90,3 arrived aboard the "Cap" with her mobile transmitting equipment and prepared for her live broadcast. She was also allowed to use our mic to arrange the transmission. When she was on air a funny slip of her tounge happened. While spelling our call she confused museum with a hotel.

But it was not only the radio that visited us. Also Mr. Wiese was there and promised to write an article about us. This was how the day went by, our tea cooled down and we didn't have the time to eat our sandwiches.

In the Museum of Communication our experienced colleague Peter had the situation under control although he had to work up to sweat with all the kids who wanted to speak in his microphone. Some of those young "OP's" came directly from the museum to the ship and presented to us there QSL-cards that they had drawn on there own. Of course, they got our card therefore, too. Also a cameraman from the privat TV-Station "Hamburg 1" filmed what was happening in the museum and later on the ship.

At 5 p.m. the last little visitor fed in his "EIS". Thus a sometimes hectic and strenguous but at the same time successful Kids'day came to its end.

Here, we'd like to thank the ship's leadership under Captain Weber an his wife for the excellent cooperation.

We alreadly look forward to the next "Kids' Day" in june when the motto will be again:
"Children to the Microphone".

In 2006/02 we'll take part again.

Responsible: Gerd, DL3HCV, MF944


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