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London (HMS "Belfast") Group Award

This award is available to Amateurs and SWLs and the following rules apply.

HF - Contact ten RNARS members of whom four must be members of the London Group. Any mode or band or mixed but only once per mode per band, (CW and SSB would count as two contacts on any one band).

VHF - Stations need to contact five RNARS members of whom two must be members of the London Group.

HMS Belfast's call sign GB2RN and the two club calls G4HMS and G7HMS count as London Group contacts.

SWL's may claim the award by logging contacts between members in accordance with the above rules.

Applications should give log extracts of all claimed contacts with the membership numbers (RNARS and L/G numbers).

And the appropriate fee (£2,50 UK...5 US $ or 10 US $ outside EU) should be sent to

London Group Awards Manager
email: info (at)

Stickers are available for 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 costing 50 pence UK or 1US $ all other stations. Apply for two stickers at the same time and the price is as for one sticker.

All cheques should be payable to RNARS London (HMS Belfast) Group.

List of RNARS frequencies:
 HF CW:  1.824, 3.520, 7,020, 10.118, 14.052, 18.087, 21.052, 24.897, 28.052 MHz
 HF SSB:  1.965, 3.666, 3.740, 7.055, 14.294, 14.335, 18.150, 21.360, 28.933 MHz

A list of the RNARS nets and HMS Belfast members can be obtained from the above address £2 UK or 5 US $.


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