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HMS "Belfast" Op certificate

The Committee of the RNARS London Group have approved the design of a new certificate.

This certificate is available to anyone who has operated GB2RN from the Bridge Wireless Office (BWO) of HMS Belfast.

The certificate will be printed on parchment paper.

Any member interested in obtaining one of these certificates, is required to notify the awards manager of the date they were operating GB2RN. He will check the Log Book and copy out the details of a QSO they made.

There is no need to try and remember the actual QSO - just, for example, "Easter Activity Week 2007" and that will be sufficient to narrow down the search.

The appropriate fee of £2,50 UK (Overseas members please add one new IRC to cover the extra postage) must be sent to:

London Group Awards Manager
email: info (at)

All cheques should be payable to RNARS London (HMS Belfast) Group.


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