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Easter Activity Week 2006

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HMS "Belfast"

Saturday, 15/04/2006 till Monday, 24/04/2006

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.

Navigator of EAW2006:

Sat 15/04/06 Arrival and impression arround HMS Belfast
Sun 16/04/06 Trip to St. Katharine's Dock   or BWO
Mon 17/04/06 London by bus   or BWO
Tue 18/04/06 Relax, free choise or BWO
Wed 19/04/06 Greenwich and Royal Observatory    Tower of London   or BWO
Thu 20/04/06 Inspection by VIP    AGM    Social   and Relax, free choise or BWO
Fri 21/04/06 HM QE II 80th birthday   or Relax, free choise or BWO
Sat 22/04/06 Chatham Dockyard   or Relax, free choise or BWO
Sun 23/04/06 IWM   or Relax, free choise or BWO
Mon 24/04/06 Departure


As this was the first time I had taken part in this event and it was also my first visit to England and the ship, I made a special point of getting to know the specialities of the ship and London.

Tower Bridge, open     Terry_Kadetten     Tower Bridge, sun

Impression of the Tower Bridge


After the stress of the journey followed the relaxation, all the group members already present went to the nearby pub for light refreshments, a good time was had by all.

PUB 1     PUB 2     PUB 3

Relaxation in the pub


Staying in the world capital London it was imperative to take in the sights and what better way than having a tour on the world famous open double-decker bus.

BUS 1     BUS 2     BUS 3

Bus tour through London

Open Bus

Open double-decker bus


HMS Belfast is a museum ship in the Pool of London between London Bridge and Tower Bridge. There was a lot of free time to enjoy but also the BWO was in big demand as it was activity week.

BWO 1     BWO 2     BWO 3

BWO in action

BAR 1     Bill in der Waschmaschine     BAR 2

Ward room, Bill in the washing maschine, ward room and sea cadets


On Wednesday 19/04/06 we took a trip on the river in a pleasure boat from City Cruises to nearby Greenwich, famous for the Meridian which runs through the middle and of course the observatory. The observatory lies on a hill and once climbed you have a beautiful view of London.
We visited the museum’s Exhibition of Time and how it was measured and also the big optical telescope. Then we went on to the National Maritime Museum to explore more treasures.




The evening was taken up with a visit to the nearby Tower of London.
We had a guided tour led by a yeoman warder of the tower. And the highlight of the evening was the Ceremony of the Keys. This very old ceremony is the actual locking of the Tower for the night.

TOWER 1     TOWER 2     TOWER 3

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ ward room - Tower of London

The evening was concluded with a little refreshment in the yeoman warders’ ward room in the tower.


On Thursday 20/04/06 was AGM and VIP day of the London group.
The day started with an inspection of the sea cadets on board HMS Belfast by Captain
J. Kingwell RN. He started his career as a sea cadet on the ship.


MF members from DL
Inspection by Cpt. Kingwell


The AGM was held in the large officers’ ward room which had been prepared for this occasion by members and especially our 2 ladies Angelika and Pat.
Other guests present were Mick G3LIK.RNARS-Chairman, Harald DL5XI Chairman MF-Runde, Angus Annan President of the RSGB, Scots, Canadian, American, Dutch, Belgian members, also Peter DL8BEL MF689 and many members from the UK.

BWO 4     BWO 5     BWO 6

AGM of the Belfast Group


AGM 1     AGM 2     AGM 3

Mick G3LIK, Chairman RNARS
In the evening was a little celebration for all the re-elected members of the committee.



Friday 21/04/06 was another special occasion - it was HM Queen Elisabeth’s 80th birthday celebration. In her honour a 62 gun salute was fired with 4 guns from the tower which lies directly opposite the Belfast.

QE80a     QE80b


On Saturday 22/04/06 some of the members decided on a little excursion to Chatham Historic Dockyard.
It is a big shipyard with wharfs, maritime exhibitions, RN Life Boats, a destroyer and a submarine. We visited the destroyer (HMS Cavalier) and had guided tour on the submarine (HMS Ocelot) (very tight fit on board for the author).

CHAT 1     CHAT 2     CHAT 3

     HMS Cavalier                        Friends                      "heavy" submarine


On Sunday 23/04/06 another Museum visit was on the agenda and Monday a concluding bus tour but this time another route.

CHAT 1     CHAT 2

International War Museum (IMW)

I decided to carry on with this unforgettable week next year and earmarked a few attractions for then, for example the Royal Albert Hall and Madam Tussauds Waxworks.


Madame Tussaud


To conclude I can only say:
"It was a wonderful time with friends in a big interesting capital. Unfortunately I had to keep remembering everything was happening on the wrong side, driving and walking."

Finally sincere thanks to Angelika 2E1GDC and Terry GØTBD who made this an exciting and lasting experience for all who took part.


Our Hosts

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

Responsible: Hans-Jürgen DK9OS, MF787 RN4636 LG609


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