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Easter Activity Week 2008

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Friday, 21/03/2008 till Sunday, 30/03/2008 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2008

Navigator of EAW08:

Fri 21/03/08 Arrival
Sat 22/03/08 till
Son 23/03/08 Relaxing, free of choise or BWO 1
Mon 24/03/08 till
Tue 25/03/08 Relaxing, free of choise or BWO 2
Wed 26/03/08 Bletchley Park   Tower of London
Thu 27/03/08 Annual general meeting (AGM)   Inspection by VIP    Social
Fri 28/03/08 Stratford-upon-Avon
Sat 29/03/08 Relaxing, free of choise or BWO
Son 30/03/08 Last meal or BWO
Mon 31/03/08 Departure


Some members of the group arrived on Good Friday. We had a lot to talk about since our last meeting and soon formed into little groups for some chit chat. We also met in the Wardroom for our welcoming drinks.

EAW08-004     EAW08-006     EAW08-005a


EAW08-006b     EAW08-007     EAW08-006a

In the Wardroom


A lot of action in our amateur radio club station GB2RN was announced, it was the Easter activity week. As famously, the radio room is aboard in the BWO (bridge wireless office). In the following some insights which show the small exhibition, the radio communication systems as well as the action at the stations.

EAW08-008     EAW08-009     EAW08-010

Activities at Bridge Wireless Office

EAW08-011     EAW08-012


Wednesday was earmarked for a first excursion to all viewable sights of the country. Tom, Bob, Peter and myself had chosen Bletchley. Our destination was Bletchley Park, the national cypher centre of UK, where among other things also the Enigma is displayed. Using underground and train to the north of London, we reached our destination safely.

The exebition left nice impression and fullfilled again some gaps in one's knowledges.

EAW08-013     EAW08-014     EAW08-015

Our trip to Bletchley

EAW08-017     EAW08-016     EAW08-018

Club station GB2BP

Visit of national cypher centre, a lot of halls were to visit.

EAW08-020     EAW08-019     EAW08-021

Rebuild of "The Tuning Bombe"

EAW08-023     EAW08-025     EAW08-024

Enigma and more

EAW08-026     EAW08-027     EAW08-028

Enigma and more

EAW08-029     EAW08-030

The Project in the future and today

On time to the Tower visit we were back again.


The Wednesday evening was crowned with the now traditional visit to the Tower of London and the highlight of the evening was the Ceremony of the Keys. This special parade has been performed without fail every night for the last 600 years and marks the ceremonial locking up and handing over of the keys to the resident governor of the Tower.
The Tower has many fabulous sights to offer and the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family is just one of the many items.


The Tower of London

EAW08-032b     EAW08-032c     EAW08-032d

Preparing for the visit

EAW08-033     EAW08-034

After visiting the area our group in front of the Tower Wardroom

The evening concluded with a little refreshment in the Tower Wardroom which was strictly by invitation only.

EAW08-035     EAW08-036     EAW08-036a

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ wardroom
- Tower of London - and surprises

EAW08-037     EAW08-038d     EAW08-038

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ wardroom
- Tower of London - and surprises

EAW08-038a     EAW08-038c     EAW08-038b

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ wardroom
- Tower of London

EAW08-038e     EAW08-041     EAW08-040

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ wardroom
- Tower of London


Ceremony of the keys



Annual general meeting (AGM)

This year on Thuersday the AGM was held first before the VIP arrived and the social followed in the Officers-Mess. Guests attending were Mick G3LIK MF334 RNARS Chairman and many others from Scotland, Canada, America, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and of course Germany not to forget our veterans.

EAW08-048a     EAW08-048b     EAW08-048

(from left) Terry GØTBD - last speech as chairman -
Marc GØTOC - our new QSL manager - and Mick G3LIK chairman of RNARS
The board of the London Group

This year's AGM the chairman and the QSL manager were to be elected, the rest of the board was re-elected. Terry now stayed in the committee.
Instead of the unexpected stand down of our Roger GØHNU RN3435, LG516 a new QSL manager was needed. Roger was gone but never forgotten.


Rod 2EØRPS - our new chairman

EAW08-048d     EAW08-049     EAW08-050

AGM with surprises

EAW08-050a     EAW08-050c     EAW08-050b

AGM with surprises


The VIP Captain M. C. Wouters RNLN, stationed as a navy attachè in the Dutch embassy in London, arrived at 12.30 precisely. He proceeded to inspect the assembled RNARS members.

EAW08-043     EAW08-043d     EAW08-043a

VIP on board

EAW08-044     EAW08-045     EAW08-046

Inspection by VIP Captain M. C. Wouters RNLN

EAW08-046a     EAW08-043b     EAW08-046b


Finally at 1300 all participants with a valid social ticket were able to participate in a well prepared lunch and of course plenty of liquid refreshments.
The new committee was celebrated in style. Angelika with a few helpers had again helped to make the party a big success. Everyone had a good time. A big thank you goes out to her.

EAW08-052     EAW08-051     EAW08-053


EAW08-051b     EAW08-051a

One of the highlights of the raffle (front and back of the medal)

EAW08-053a     EAW08-053c     EAW08-053b

Impression of the social

EAW08-053d     EAW08-054

Captain M. C. Wouters RNLN with his present for Rod 2EØRPS

EAW08-055     EAW08-057     EAW08-056

Impression of the social
Our american friends (in the middle)


After the "stressful" day with inspection, AGM and social was again action at our club station GB2RN, we were still in the Easter activity week. The visitors were amazed over and over again that moves, nevertheless, a little bit here aboard. "Look there, they really move" we ever heard this. On all other stations aboard were only dummies (wax dolls).



EAW08-060     EAW08-059     EAW08-061

Impression of the BWO

EAW08-062     EAW08-064     EAW08-063


Friday was earmarked for an excursion to all viewable sights of the country. Chuck, Harm and myself had chosen Stratford-upon-Avon. Our destination was the famous working place where the writer Shakespeare lived. Running by underground, train and bus we reached our destination safely. The visit to the four museums of Shakespeare (birthplace, garden and more) including the city was worthwhile and left us with a lasting impression of this attraction.

One should harm also once for the culture just again.

EAW08-065     EAW08-065a     EAW08-065b

Impression of Stratford-upon-Avon

EAW08-066     EAW08-067     EAW08-067b

EAW08-069a     EAW08-068     EAW08-069

Shakespeare's birthplace and garden

EAW08-070     EAW08-075     EAW08-071

Shakespeare's garden

EAW08-072     EAW08-072a     EAW08-072b

Shakespeare's garden

EAW08-074     EAW08-074a     EAW08-073

Shakespeare's garden

EAW08-076     EAW08-076a     EAW08-077

A little refreshment was hiring necessary

EAW08-079     EAW08-076

Last impression

Back again savety to London, the appetite tormented us a little. We could satisfy this in next highlight, to the visit in Chinatown at night and their much-creased places, suitably in a China bar.

In a good mood we came again back aboard.


The last stay on board and impression around the ship. A successfull activity week drew the end.

EAW08-079c     EAW08-079a     EAW08-079b

Impression around the ship

EAW08-080     EAW08-081

Our last common meal


A last view to the Tower Bridge


EAW08-083     EAW08-082     EAW08-084


Our happy time with friends passed far too quickly. Sincere thanks to our hosts who made it possible again for us all to have an unforgettable time.


Skyline of London

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

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