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Easter Activity Week 2011

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HMS "Belfast"

Monday, 25th Apr 2011 till Sunday, 01nd May 2011 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2011


New masts for HMS "Belfast" - Special QSL card
05/10/10 Mast Replacement
19/10/10 Special event at BWO
2011-2012 40th anniversary of HMS Belfast's arrival
25/04/11 to EAW 2011


At the end of 2010 the masts of HMS "Belfast" were changed.

To commemorate this event we shall temporary be using the special Call sign GB2BNM from the Bridge Wireless Office

vom 19th October 2010 bis einschliesslich 31th December 2010.

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.


GB2BNM qsl card


5th October 2010

Mast Replacement - Much of the upper deck of the ship is currently out-of-bounds to the public and is a hard-hat-area to the working staff whilst the dismantling of the masts takes place. On the port side of HMS Belfast is a large floating crane whose jib towers over the top of the masts. Both masts are encased in scaffolding and on 2nd September, the top fifteen feet or so of the mainmast was removed and the crane lowered it to rest on the port side deck, just aft of the fo'cstle. It is assumed that this will be connected to the new mast.

GB2BNM-Mast 1   GB2BNM-Mast 2

A photo of HMS Belfast with a barge mounted crane in the foreground

The new masts arrived at Tilbury from SVS Shipyard in St. Petersberg on 31st August and are due to be installed in late September. Outboard of the floating crane is a large, shallow draught barge ready to be filled with scrap. The London Group Committee had suggested to HMS Belfast management that metal from the old masts could be recycled into mementos and sold to the public, but we have been informed that part of the contract with the donors of the new masts (the government of Russia) is that the scrap metal will be shipped to Russia.


19th October 2010

To celebrate HMS Belfast's New Masts and coinciding with the formal dedication ceremony, GB2BNM was today activated for the first time. Having previously arranged a sked with London Group member Fedor RN1NW (LG 636 / RNARS 4263), he replied immediately when called on 20m and so we were QRV for any Russian visitors to the BWO. QSYing to 17m, Fedor was a strong 59 and after being spotted on the cluster, GB2BNM was at the centre of a small pile-up during which time a QSO with another London Group member, Bob N4XAT (LG 626 / RNARS 4783) was also logged. GB2BNM will be active until the end of 2010.
Also visiting the BWO after the mast dedication ceremony was Karl Kramer DG8FZ.


Karl Kramer DG8FZ at BWO


2011 - 2012 will see the 40th anniversary of HMS Belfast's arrival in the pool of London in October 1971.

To commemorate this event we shall temporary be using the special Call sign GB4ØHMSB from the Bridge Wireless Office

from 1st October 2011 until 31st December 2011 inclusive..

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.


GB4ØHMSB qsl card


Navigator of EAW2011:

Mon 25/04/11 Arrival and impression around the HMS "Belfast"
Tue 26/04/11 RAF Signals Museum at RAF Henlow
Relax, free choise or BWO 1
Wed 27/04/11 City   Relax, free choise or BWO 2    Tower of London
Thu 28/04/11 AGM   Inspection by VIP
Social   Relax, free choise or BWO 3
Fri 29/04/11 Relax, free choise or BWO 4
Sat 30/04/11 BWO visit by members of Cray Valley RS
Relax, free choise or BWO 5
Sun 01/05/11 Relax, free choise or BWO 6   Departure


Some impression around the HMS "Belfast".

more to follow


Easter greeting to all our comrades, it's always nice among friends.


Happy Easter, dear friends


London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

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