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Easter Activity Week 2015

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HMS "Belfast"

Monday, 06th Apr 2015 till Sunday, 12th Apr 2015 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2015

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.

Navigator of EAW2015:

Mon 06/04/15 Arrival and impression around HMS "Belfast"     Easter visit
Tue 07/04/15 RN Submarine Museum Gosport   RNARS-HQ
Wed 08/04/15 Relax, free choice or BWO 1
Thu 09/04/15 City   Tower of London
Fri 10/04/15 AGM   Inspection by VIP
Social   Relax, free choice or BWO 2
Sat 11/04/15 Borough Market   Trinity Buoy Wharf
Emirates Air Line and "The O2"   Relax, free choice or BWO 3
Sun 12/04/15 Royal Gunpowder Mills   North Weald Airfield
Mon 13/04/15 more HMSB stations    BWO 4   Departure


Some impression to our Arrival and Easter Monday, 06/04/2015.

eaw15-0604imp_01   eaw15-0604imp_02   eaw15-0604imp_03

Our travel from HAM to LHR by British Airways

eaw15-0604imp_01   eaw15-0604imp_02   eaw15-0604imp_03 eaw15-0604imp_03

flight impression

eaw15-0604imp_08   eaw15-0604imp_09   eaw15-0604imp_10 eaw15-0604imp_11

Welcome to London

eaw15-0604imp_12   eaw15-0604imp_13   eaw15-0604imp_14 eaw15-0604imp_15

from the airport to our ship

eaw15-0604imp_16 eaw15-0604imp_17

HMS Belfast

eaw15-0604imp_19   eaw15-0604imp_18   eaw15-0604imp_20 eaw15-0604imp_21

Horror installation

eaw15-0604imp_22   eaw15-0604imp_21   eaw15-0604imp_23



An Easter visit, 06/04/2015, to the Barclay's is a must, it's always nice among friends.


Happy Easter dear friends

eaw15-0604tb_01   eaw15-0604tb_02   eaw15-0604tb_03

Easter sunday at Barclay's
Angelika 2E1GDC and Steven 2E1TCX


Honorary Life President - London Group HMSB


Tuesday, 07/04/2015, will see a visit to Gosport, the Submarine Museum and the RNARS HQ at HMS Collingwood.

eaw15-0704sub_01   eaw15-0704sub_02   eaw15-0704sub_03   eaw15-0704sub_04

London Waterloo

eaw15-0704sub_05   eaw15-0704sub_06   eaw15-0704sub_07

to Portsmouth by train


Portsmouth harbour
final station

eaw15-0704sub_09   eaw15-0704sub_10   eaw15-0704sub_11

a heartly welcome by Doug G4BEQ

eaw15-0704sub_12   eaw15-0704sub_13   eaw15-0704sub_14

view to Gosport
with ferry and LS "Haslar Marina"

eaw15-0704sub_15   eaw15-0704sub_16   eaw15-0704sub_17

looking back to Portsmouth harbour


Maren and Doug
friends on a ferry

eaw15-0704sub_19   eaw15-0704sub_20   eaw15-0704sub_21   eaw15-0704sub_22

Falkland garden


Next station on 07/04/2015 will be the Submarine Museum here in Gosport.


Royal Navy Submarine Museum
Heartly Welcome

eaw15-0704sub_24   eaw15-0704sub_25   eaw15-0704sub_26

Exhibition area

eaw15-0704sub_27   eaw15-0704sub_28   eaw15-0704sub_29   eaw15-0704sub_30

submarine pioneers
John Philip Holland and Wilhelm Bauer

eaw15-0704sub_31   eaw15-0704sub_32   eaw15-0704sub_33


eaw15-0704sub_36   eaw15-0704sub_35   eaw15-0704sub_34

nice impression
waiting for entry

eaw15-0704sub_37   eaw15-0704sub_38   eaw15-0704sub_39   eaw15-0704sub_40

HMS Alliance
view into some chambers of the submarine

eaw15-0704sub_43   eaw15-0704sub_45   eaw15-0704sub_44

control stations
(center) radio room

eaw15-0704sub_41   eaw15-0704sub_42   eaw15-0704sub_46   eaw15-0704sub_47

more stations

eaw15-0704sub_48   eaw15-0704sub_49   eaw15-0704sub_50


eaw15-0704sub_51   eaw15-0704sub_52   eaw15-0704sub_53   eaw15-0704sub_54

very informative exhibition
see you again later

eaw15-0704sub_55   eaw15-0704sub_56   eaw15-0704sub_57

at Doug's home
harbour view from his balcony


Tuersday, 07/04/2015, was earmarked to visiting the RNARS headquarter (HQ) at HMS Collingwood.

eaw15-0704rn_01   eaw15-0704rn_02   eaw15-0704rn_03

Doug G4BEQ and Maren DK9MOS
in front of RNARS HQ

eaw15-0704rn_04   eaw15-0704rn_05   eaw15-0704rn_06

radio friends at HQ

eaw15-0704rn_07   eaw15-0704rn_08   eaw15-0704rn_09   eaw15-0704rn_10

HQ working places

eaw15-0704rn_11   eaw15-0704rn_12   eaw15-0704rn_13

thanks for first visit to HQ

eaw15-0704rn_07   eaw15-0704rn_15   eaw15-0704rn_09   eaw15-0704rn_10

visits of interest tour

eaw15-0704rn_18   eaw15-0704rn_19   eaw15-0704rn_20


eaw15-0704rn_21   eaw15-0704rn_22   eaw15-0704rn_23   eaw15-0704rn_24

at Doug's and Lou's home


On Wednesday, 08/04/2015, we went for exploring the ship. We found strange installations.

eaw15-0804hor_02   eaw15-0804hor_03   eaw15-0804hor_04   eaw15-0804hor_05

horror installations


"Art" exhibition
by Hew Locke

eaw15-0804hor_06   eaw15-0804hor_07   eaw15-0804hor_08   eaw15-0804hor_09

horror aboard

eaw15-0804hor_10   eaw15-0804hor_11   eaw15-0804hor_12   eaw15-0804hor_13


eaw15-0804hor_14   eaw15-0804hor_15

visitors looked at the video information

eaw15-0804hor_16   eaw15-0804hor_17   eaw15-0804hor_18

Quarterdeck to BWO


Some members of the London group arrived as usual on Monday, 08/04/2015. We had a lot to talk about since our last meeting and soon formed into little groups for some chit chat. We also met for our welcoming drinks.

eaw15-0804bwo_01   eaw15-0804bwo_02   eaw15-0804bwo_03   eaw15-0804bwo_04

Visit to the BWO (bridge wireless office), the radio room of HMS "Belfast"

eaw15-0804bwo_05   eaw15-0804bwo_06   eaw15-0804bwo_07   eaw15-0804bwo_08

activities at BWO
(on left) Maren and Alan 2EØVAV

eaw15-0804bwo_13   eaw15-0804bwo_14   eaw15-0804bwo_15

fun with Morse code to visitors and themselves
John MØJGR and Jo PAØVLA as well as Tom GØPSE

eaw15-0804bwo_09   eaw15-0804bwo_10   eaw15-0804bwo_11   eaw15-0804bwo_12

many visitors
(on left) Carl GWØVSW and Vince K7VV (on right)


On Thursday, 09/04/2015, we joined a trip to the City of London. Our first stop was the Imperial War Museum IWM).

eaw15-0904city_01   eaw15-0904city_02   eaw15-0904city_03

Imperial War Museum (IWM)

eaw15-0904city_04   eaw15-0904city_05   eaw15-0904city_06   eaw15-0904city_07

IWM impression

eaw15-0904city_08   eaw15-0904city_09   eaw15-0904city_10   eaw15-0904city_11

Avionic department

eaw15-0904city_12   eaw15-0904city_13   eaw15-0904city_14

A "true" word


Next step was the City of London and having lunch.


Maren was dreaming

eaw15-0904city_16   eaw15-0904city_17   eaw15-0904city_18

Piccadilly Circus

eaw15-0904city_19   eaw15-0904city_20   eaw15-0904city_21

Fish & Chips

eaw15-0904city_22   eaw15-0904city_23   eaw15-0904city_24   eaw15-0904city_25

Hamleys and more
toys paradise

eaw15-0904city_26   eaw15-0904city_27   eaw15-0904city_28

Oxford Circus

eaw15-0904city_29   eaw15-0904city_30   eaw15-0904city_31

Piccadilly Circus

eaw15-0904city_32   eaw15-0904city_33   eaw15-0904city_34

arround the Vauxhall bridge

eaw15-0904city_35   eaw15-0904city_36

London Eye and MI 6


Wednesday evening 09/04/2015 was crowned with the now traditional visit to the Tower of London and the highlight of the evening was the Ceremony of the Keys. This special parade has been performed without fail every night for the last 600 years and marks the ceremonial locking up and handing over of the keys to the resident governor of the Tower.
The Tower has many fabulous sights to offer and the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family are just one of the many items.


Tower of London

eaw15-0904tol_02   eaw15-0904tol_03   eaw15-0904tol_04   eaw15-0904tol_05

Tower of London
our group waited for admission

eaw15-0904tol_06   eaw15-0904tol_07   eaw15-0904tol_08   eaw15-0904tol_09


eaw15-0904tol_10   eaw15-0904tol_11   eaw15-0904tol_12

start of guidance
(center) "our" Yeoman

eaw15-0904tol_13   eaw15-0904tol_14   eaw15-0904tol_15

Tower of London
view arround


Tower of London
overview and facts

eaw15-0904tol_17   eaw15-0904tol_18   eaw15-0904tol_19

Tower of London
all listen to the explainations

eaw15-0904tol_20   eaw15-0904tol_21   eaw15-0904tol_22


eaw15-0904tol_23   eaw15-0904tol_24   eaw15-0904tol_25   eaw15-0904tol_26

Tower of London
details and way up

eaw15-0904tol_27   eaw15-0904tol_28   eaw15-0904tol_29   eaw15-0904tol_30

Tower of London
night views

eaw15-0904tol_31   eaw15-0904tol_32   eaw15-0904tol_33   eaw15-0904tol_34

Tower of London
via chappel to the wardroom (pub)


Tower of London - Wardroom
The evening concluded with a small refreshment in the Tower Wardroom which was strictly by invitation only.

eaw15-0904tol_36   eaw15-0904tol_37   eaw15-0904tol_38

London Group members visiting the Yeoman Warders’ wardroom
- Tower of London -

eaw15-0904tol_39   eaw15-0904tol_40   eaw15-0904tol_41

Tower of London pub
view to the bar - (on right) Maren DK9MOS, Rod 2EØRPS and Abdel Tirsatine

eaw15-0904tol_42   eaw15-0904tol_43   eaw15-0904tol_44   eaw15-0904tol_45

Tower of London pub
our group enjoyed


HMS Belfast
a night view from the Tower Bridge to HMSB on our way home


AGM (annual membership meeting) aboard HMS "Belfast" on Friday, 10/04/2015

eaw15-1004agm_01   eaw15-1004agm_02   eaw15-1004agm_03   eaw15-1004agm_04

Coffee and looking toward the AGM



eaw15-1004agm_08   eaw15-1004agm_07   eaw15-1004agm_06   eaw15-1004agm_09

check-in and handing-out the passes
(from left) Ivor MØIMJ, Bob GØFEK and Gavin G6DGK


board of the LG
waiting for next step

eaw15-1004agm_11   eaw15-1004agm_12   eaw15-1004agm_13   eaw15-1004agm_14

assembled members and local press


Honorary Life President Bob GØFEK

eaw15-1004agm_16   eaw15-1004agm_17   eaw15-1004agm_18   eaw15-1004agm_19

reports of the board
Gavin G6DGK, John G1DJI, Tom GØPSE and Marc GØTOC


Inspection by VIP aboard HMS "Belfast" on 10/04/2015

eaw15-1004vip_01   eaw15-1004vip_02   eaw15-1004vip_03   eaw15-1004vip_04

waiting for the VIP


VIP Cdr Bev Johns

eaw15-1004vip_05a eaw15-1004vip_05

inspection of the assambled LG members by VIP

eaw15-1004vip_06   eaw15-1004vip_07   eaw15-1004vip_08   eaw15-1004vip_09


eaw15-1004vip_11   eaw15-1004vip_12   eaw15-1004vip_13   eaw15-1004vip_14

well done
Please keep smiling !

eaw15-1004vip_15   eaw15-1004vip_16   eaw15-1004vip_17

some chit chat
(links) Gavin and Giles Read, Radcom


have a look on us

for the social please down again


After the "stress" on 10/04/2015 we joined the Social in the anteroom of HMS "Belfast".

eaw15-1004soc_01   eaw15-1004soc_02   eaw15-1004soc_03   eaw15-1004soc_04


eaw15-1004soc_06   eaw15-1004soc_05   eaw15-1004soc_07



Sodexo girls

eaw15-1004soc_08   eaw15-1004soc_09



As last action back to the BWO on 10/04/2015. We're having EAW.

eaw15-1004bwo2_02   eaw15-1004bwo2_01   eaw15-1004bwo2_03

action at BWO


Saturday, 11/04/2015 was the day for exploring. On first we joined the Borough Market at the London Bridge.

eaw15-1104bm_01   eaw15-1104bm_02

from the ship to the market


Borough Market
new entrance

eaw15-1104bm_04   eaw15-1104bm_05   eaw15-1104bm_06

Borough Market
delicious fish

eaw15-1104bm_07   eaw15-1104bm_08   eaw15-1104bm_09   eaw15-1104bm_10

Borough Market
bread, cheese and sausage

eaw15-1104bm_12   eaw15-1104bm_13   eaw15-1104bm_16

Borough Market
excellent tea

eaw15-1104bm_14   eaw15-1104bm_15

Borough Market
Masala Chai

eaw15-1104bm_18   eaw15-1104bm_19   eaw15-1104bm_20   eaw15-1104bm_21

Borough Market

eaw15-1104bm_22   eaw15-1104bm_23   eaw15-1104bm_24

Join us to the next group visit


On 11/04/2015 we went for another group visit - now to the Trinity Buoy Wharf.

eaw15-1104tbw_01   eaw15-1104tbw_02   eaw15-1104tbw_03

on our way Marc GØTOC arrived

eaw15-1104tbw_04   eaw15-1104tbw_05   eaw15-1104tbw_06   eaw15-1104tbw_07

Prime meridian
view towards Greenwich

eaw15-1104tbw_08   eaw15-1104tbw_09   eaw15-1104tbw_10

way to TBW


Trinity Buoy Wharf

eaw15-1104tbw_12   eaw15-1104tbw_13   eaw15-1104tbw_14   eaw15-1104tbw_15

small refreshment at Bow Creek Cafè
(on left) Peter DL8BEL, Maren and Marc



eaw15-1104tbw_18   eaw15-1104tbw_19   eaw15-1104tbw_20   eaw15-1104tbw_17

lightvessel 'Trinity House'
LS95 with onboard recording studio, (on right) Containercity


QSL card
clubstation of LEFARS

eaw15-1104tbw_21   eaw15-1104tbw_22   eaw15-1104tbw_23

Trinity lighthouse

eaw15-1104tbw_25   eaw15-1104tbw_26   eaw15-1104tbw_27   eaw15-1104tbw_28

Trinity lighthouse
longplayer singing bowls

eaw15-1104tbw_29   eaw15-1104tbw_30   eaw15-1104tbw_31

Trinity lighthouse
inside and a view to Containercity
Marc and Maren went outside

eaw15-1104tbw_32   eaw15-1104tbw_33   eaw15-1104tbw_34

The Faraday Effect
permanent exhibition

eaw15-1104tbw_35   eaw15-1104tbw_36   eaw15-1104tbw_37   eaw15-1104tbw_38

art and alarm buoys
along the river Thames


Next on 11/04/2015 we went for a ride by Emirates Air Line and a visit to "The O2".

eaw15-1104eao2_01   eaw15-1104eao2_02  

on the way to Emirates Air Line

eaw15-1104eao2_03   eaw15-1104eao2_04   eaw15-1104eao2_05



Emirates Royal Dock
entrance to the "Air Line"

eaw15-1104eao2_07   eaw15-1104eao2_08   eaw15-1104eao2_09   eaw15-1104eao2_10



My Emirates View

eaw15-1104eao2_12   eaw15-1104eao2_13   eaw15-1104eao2_14   eaw15-1104eao2_15

"fly" across the river Thames

eaw15-1104eao2_16   eaw15-1104eao2_17   eaw15-1104eao2_18   eaw15-1104eao2_19

(on right) Thames barrier

eaw15-1104eao2_20   eaw15-1104eao2_21   eaw15-1104eao2_22

on the other side
well landed !

eaw15-1104eao2_23   eaw15-1104eao2_24   eaw15-1104eao2_25

up to "The O2"
(on right) Where's the Whale ?


The O2
main entrance

eaw15-1104eao2_27   eaw15-1104eao2_28   eaw15-1104eao2_29   eaw15-1104eao2_30

impression inside "The O2"

eaw15-1104eao2_31   eaw15-1104eao2_32   eaw15-1104eao2_33   eaw15-1104eao2_34



The O2


As a final of the first exhibition day 11/04/2015 we went for a Indian dinner, next to the Tower Bridge.

eaw15-1104bwo3_02   eaw15-1104bwo3_01   eaw15-1104bwo3_03

as a thank-you to Marc GØTOC
delicious indian food

eaw15-1104bwo3_04   eaw15-1104bwo3_05


eaw15-1104bwo3_06   eaw15-1104bwo3_07   eaw15-1104bwo3_08   eaw15-1104bwo3_09

HMSB at night
look arround

eaw15-1104bwo3_10   eaw15-1104bwo3_11   eaw15-1104bwo3_12


See us tomorrow.


Today on Sunday, 12/04/2015, we took a next group visit to the Royal Gunpowder Mills.

eaw15-1204rgm_01   eaw15-1204rgm_02   eaw15-1204rgm_03   eaw15-1204rgm_04



Royal Gunpower Mills
Have fun - enjoy your visit

eaw15-1204rgm_06   eaw15-1204rgm_07   eaw15-1204rgm_08   eaw15-1204rgm_09

on the area

eaw15-1204rgm_10   eaw15-1204rgm_11   eaw15-1204rgm_12   eaw15-1204rgm_13


eaw15-1204rgm_14   eaw15-1204rgm_15   eaw15-1204rgm_16

clubstation GB2RGM
Marc, Maren and Hans-Jürgen had a look at


QSL card
clubstation of LEFARS

eaw15-1204rgm_17   eaw15-1204rgm_18   eaw15-1204rgm_19   eaw15-1204rgm_20

history of Waltham Abbey Mills



eaw15-1204rgm_22   eaw15-1204rgm_23

short break
Marc GØTOC, Hans-Jürgen DK9OS, Maren DK9MOS and John MØJGR

eaw15-1204rgm_24   eaw15-1204rgm_25   eaw15-1204rgm_26

more exhibitions

eaw15-1204rgm_27   eaw15-1204rgm_30

live demonstrations

eaw15-1204rgm_28   eaw15-1204rgm_29   eaw15-1204rgm_31

modell of the Mills - grocery - on the area


end of the group visit
very interesting


Our last group visit on Sunday went to North Weald Airfield on 12/04/2015.

eaw15-1204nwa_01   eaw15-1204nwa_02   eaw15-1204nwa_03

at Wings Cafè
delicious food

eaw15-1204nwa_04   eaw15-1204nwa_05

Marc was glad

eaw15-1204nwa_06   eaw15-1204nwa_07   eaw15-1204nwa_08   eaw15-1204nwa_09

on and nearby the air field

eaw15-1204nwa_10   eaw15-1204nwa_11   eaw15-1204nwa_12   eaw15-1204nwa_13



QSL card
clubstation of LEFARS

eaw15-1204nwa_15   eaw15-1204nwa_16   eaw15-1204nwa_17   eaw15-1204nwa_18

The Squadron




Pub "The Norwegian Wing"

eaw15-1204nwa_21   eaw15-1204nwa_22

Pub "The Norwegian Wing"
inside with exhibition

eaw15-1204nwa_23   eaw15-1204nwa_24


eaw15-1204nwa_25   eaw15-1204nwa_26   eaw15-1204nwa_27

another good time
reminding of old air force times


The last impression on Monday, 13/04*2015 around the ship. A successfull activity week drew to a close. - We had to explore more of our ship.

eaw15-1304hor2_01   eaw15-1304hor2_02   eaw15-1304hor2_03   eaw15-1304hor2_01

more Horror installations


come aboard

eaw15-1304hor2_06   eaw15-1304hor2_07   eaw15-1304hor2_08   eaw15-1304hor2_09

more Horror installations
at bridge too

eaw15-1304hor2_10   eaw15-1304hor2_11   eaw15-1304hor2_12   eaw15-1304hor2_13


eaw15-1304hor2_14   eaw15-1304hor2_15   eaw15-1304hor2_16   eaw15-1304hor2_17

more Horror installations
at Op stations too

eaw15-1304hor2_18   eaw15-1304hor2_19   eaw15-1304hor2_20   eaw15-1304hor2_21


eaw15-1304hor2_01   eaw15-1304hor2_02   eaw15-1304hor2_03

view to our antennas

eaw15-1304hor2_25   eaw15-1304hor2_26   eaw15-1304hor2_27

look backwards and onside

eaw15-1304hor2_28   eaw15-1304hor2_29   eaw15-1304hor2_30

last Horror installations
bakery, sound reproduction room and butcher


On Monday, 13/04/2015 last but not least to the BWO.

eaw15-1304bwo4_01   eaw15-1304bwo4_02

last action at BWO


Monday, 13/04/2015 was our last day and we departed via Heathrow towards our homes.

eaw15-1304dep_01   eaw15-1304dep_02   eaw15-1304dep_03   eaw15-1304dep_04

"Good bye" to our Belfast
and travelling to Heathrow

eaw15-1304dep_05   eaw15-1304dep_06   eaw15-1304dep_07   eaw15-1304dep_08

waiting for check-in

eaw15-1304dep_09   eaw15-1304dep_10   eaw15-1304dep_11



Good bye


Our happy time with friends passed far too quickly. Sincere thanks to our hosts who made it possible again for all of us to have an unforgettable time.


Tower Bridge at night

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

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