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Easter Activity Week 2016

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HMS "Belfast"

Monday, 28th Mar 2016 till Sunday, 03rd Apr 2016 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2016

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.

Navigator of EAW2016:

Sun 27/03/16 Arrival and Easter
Mon 28/03/16 Relax, free choice or BWO 1
Tue 29/03/16 RNARS-HQ
Wed 30/03/16 HMS Belfast - history   Tower Bridge   SOHO   Carnaby Street
Thu 31/03/16 Hampton Court Palace   Gabriel's Wharf
Fri 01/04/16 AGM   Inspection by VIP
Social   Relax, free choice or BWO 2
Sat 02/04/16 HMS Belfast - explore
Sun 03/04/16 Departure


Some impression to our arrival and Easter at Easter sunday, 27/03/2016.

eaw16-0327arr_03   eaw16-0327arr_02   eaw16-0327arr_04

Flight from HAM to LHR with BA


Happy Easter dear friends

eaw16-0327ab_07   eaw16-0327ab_10   eaw16-0327ab_12

Easter at Barclay's


In memoriam GØTBD Terry
sk 2015


Some members of the London group arrived as usual on Monday, 28/03/2016. We had a lot to talk about since our last meeting and soon formed into little groups for some chit chat. We also met for our welcoming drinks.

eaw16-0328bwo_01   eaw16-0328bwo_02

Visit to the BWO (bridge wireless office), the radio room of HMS "Belfast"

eaw16-0328bwo_04   eaw16-0328bwo_06   eaw16-0328bwo_05

Impression around HMS "Belfast"


View from HMS "Belfast" to Tower Bridge


Tuesday, 29/03/2016, was earmarked to visiting the RNARS headquarter (HQ) at HMS Collingwood.


Doug G4BEQ and Maren DK9MOS
in front of RNARS-HQ

eaw16-0329rn_28   eaw16-0329rn_32

Radio activity and friends at HQ

eaw16-0329rn_36   eaw16-0329rn_37   eaw16-0329rn_40

Doug G4BEQ will be surprised
with Easter greetings card, Remember-DVD and a special bottle.

eaw16-0329rn_44   eaw16-0329rn_45

Doug G4BEQ was presented the U-Boat pin

eaw16-0329rn_46   eaw16-0329rn_47

Impression of RNARS-HQ

eaw16-0329rn_48   eaw16-0329rn_51   eaw16-0329rn_52

Sorry, but now back to London.


Wednesday, 30/03/2016, we learned some history of HMS "Belfast".

eaw16-0330his_07   eaw16-0330his_08   eaw16-0330his_09

HMS "Belfast" - permanently moored at the river Thames

eaw16-0330his_11   eaw16-0330his_12   eaw16-0330his_15

From the launch till opening to the public for the first time

eaw16-0330his_16   eaw16-0330his_19

Peter and Maren


At high noon on 30/03/2016 we visited the Tower Bridge and her exhibitions.



eaw16-0330tbe_03   eaw16-0330tbe_05   eaw16-0330tbe_10

Visit of the Engine rooms

eaw16-0330tbe_15   eaw16-0330tbe_18   eaw16-0330tbe_27


eaw16-0330tbe_31   eaw16-0330tbe_37   eaw16-0330tbe_33

popular photo motives
Wedding pictures on the Tower Bridge

eaw16-0330tbe_40   eaw16-0330tbe_38   eaw16-0330tbe_41


eaw16-0330tbe_43   eaw16-0330tbe_49   eaw16-0330tbe_46

The amazing glass floor
a famous tourist attraction



eaw16-0330tbe_56   eaw16-0330tbe_59   eaw16-0330tbe_63   eaw16-0330tbe_69

Graphic impression of the Tower Bridge

eaw16-0330tbe_72   eaw16-0330tbe_75   eaw16-0330tbe_80

Views arround and thru


Later on 30/03/2016 we went for a visit to a part of London - Soho -

eaw16-0330soho_85   eaw16-0330soho_84   eaw16-0330soho_86


eaw16-0330soho_89   eaw16-0330soho_88   eaw16-0330soho_91


eaw16-0330soho_98   eaw16-0330soho_102   eaw16-0330soho_101


eaw16-0330soho_104   eaw16-0330soho_107   eaw16-0330soho_109


eaw16-0330soho_110   eaw16-0330soho_111   eaw16-0330soho_114

A beautiful place


As a day closer of 30/03/2016 we treated for a visit to Carnaby Street.

eaw16-0330cs_117   eaw16-0330cs_121   eaw16-0330cs_122


eaw16-0330cs_127   eaw16-0330cs_123   eaw16-0330cs_130


eaw16-0330cs_131   eaw16-0330cs_132   eaw16-0330cs_136


eaw16-0330cs_137   eaw16-0330cs_138



Thuersday, 31/03/2016 was earmarked for a daily trip to Hampton Court Palace.

eaw16-0331hcp_01   eaw16-0331hcp_12   eaw16-0331hcp_11




eaw16-0331hcp_14   eaw16-0331hcp_17   eaw16-0331hcp_16


eaw16-0331hcp_19   eaw16-0331hcp_21



Now to the inner circle of the palace.

eaw16-0331hcp_26   eaw16-0331hcp_27   eaw16-0331hcp_38


eaw16-0331hcp_42   eaw16-0331hcp_44   eaw16-0331hcp_45


eaw16-0331hcp_50   eaw16-0331hcp_53   eaw16-0331hcp_57


eaw16-0331hcp_59   eaw16-0331hcp_61   eaw16-0331hcp_64


eaw16-0331hcp_65   eaw16-0331hcp_72


eaw16-0331hcp_73   eaw16-0331hcp_74

A little refreshment


Hampton Court Palace - The Gardens

eaw16-0331hcp_83   eaw16-0331hcp_80   eaw16-0331hcp_87


eaw16-0331hcp_92   eaw16-0331hcp_102   eaw16-0331hcp_94


eaw16-0331hcp_107   eaw16-0331hcp_106   eaw16-0331hcp_117


eaw16-0331hcp_115   eaw16-0331hcp_124


eaw16-0331hcp_121   eaw16-0331hcp_140


eaw16-0331hcp_146   eaw16-0331hcp_147   eaw16-0331hcp_148   eaw16-0331hcp_150


eaw16-0331hcp_152   eaw16-0331hcp_158   eaw16-0331hcp_161

Nursing of Gardens and tourning fishes


A nice view



eaw16-0331hcp_196   eaw16-0331hcp_198   eaw16-0331hcp_207

"Wild" annimals, but tamely


Another view to the inner circle of the palace.

eaw16-0331hcp_209   eaw16-0331hcp_211   eaw16-0331hcp_214

Whine bunker, shop and workshop


glacing faces

eaw16-0331hcp_221   eaw16-0331hcp_226   eaw16-0331hcp_231

Oven, herbs and kitchen

eaw16-0331hcp_235   eaw16-0331hcp_236

Grill and biscuits

eaw16-0331hcp_239   eaw16-0331hcp_238   eaw16-0331hcp_242

fish court

eaw16-0331hcp_244   eaw16-0331hcp_243   eaw16-0331hcp_245

master carpenters court



eaw16-0331hcp_260   eaw16-0331hcp_255   eaw16-0331hcp_262

Gardens with flowers



eaw16-0331hcp_267   eaw16-0331hcp_270

Explore the Maze

eaw16-0331hcp_272   eaw16-0331hcp_274   eaw16-0331hcp_277



A visit to the Royal Kitchen Garden.

eaw16-0331hcp_287   eaw16-0331hcp_288   eaw16-0331hcp_290


eaw16-0331hcp_291   eaw16-0331hcp_305   eaw16-0331hcp_292


eaw16-0331hcp_316   eaw16-0331hcp_323

The Royal Kitchen Garden


Now we leave the area of Hampton Court Palace

eaw16-0331hcp_327   eaw16-0331hcp_330

A last view from the Thames bridge to the Palace


An evening visit at 30/03/2016 to Gabriel's Wharf at the river Thames.

eaw16-0331gw_03   eaw16-0331gw_01   eaw16-0331gw_04

Visit and first impression

eaw16-0331gw_10   eaw16-0331gw_07   eaw16-0331gw_12


eaw16-0331gw_17   eaw16-0331gw_15   eaw16-0331gw_13




eaw16-0331gw_20   eaw16-0331gw_22   eaw16-0331gw_30



On Friday, 01/04/2016 the AGM took place aboard HMS "Belfast".

eaw16-0401agm_20   eaw16-0401agm_21   eaw16-0401agm_22

Coffee and AGM

eaw16-0401agm_27b   eaw16-0401agm_27c   eaw16-0401agm_27d


eaw16-0401agm_26   eaw16-0401agm_27   eaw16-0401agm_27g

Assembled members


Committee of the London Group

eaw16-0401agm_23   eaw16-0401agm_25   eaw16-0401agm_02

Who's who ?

eaw16-0401agm_27e   eaw16-0401agm_27g

Treasurer in action
Had you all payed your subs ?


Inspection by VIP aboard HMS "Belfast" at 01/04/2016

eaw16-0401vip_31   eaw16-0401vip_32   eaw16-0401vip_33

Inspection of the London Gruppe by VIP Cdr Bev Johns



eaw16-0401vip_29   eaw16-0401vip_30   eaw16-0401vip_35

Marc G0TOC, VIP Cdr Bev Johns and Hans-Jürgen DK9OS

Please follow us down to the social.


After the "stress" on 01/04/2016 we joined the Social in the wardroom of HMS "Belfast".

eaw16-0401soc_37   eaw16-0401soc_38   eaw16-0401soc_02


eaw16-0401soc_36   eaw16-0401soc_40

Dave G4JBE and Nick OE8NIK
(on left) met after a long time.


eaw16-0401bwo_41   eaw16-0401bwo_42   eaw16-0401bwo_52

Action at BWO


Saturday, 02/04/2016 aboard HMS "Belfast".

eaw16-0402hmsb_47   eaw16-0402hmsb_45   eaw16-0402hmsb_46

Inside the ship


Maren DK9MOS at the bridge
Dreaming of "old" times


Sunday, 03/04/2016 was our last day and we had to departure.

eaw16-0403dep_48   eaw16-0403dep_49

Warten in Heathrow auf den Abflug

eaw16-0403dep_50   eaw16-0403dep_51


Our happy time with friends passed far too quickly. Sincere thanks to our hosts who made it possible again for us all to have an unforgettable time.


Tower Bridge at night

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

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