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Easter Activity Week 2017

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HMS "Belfast"

Monday, 17th Apr 2017 till Sunday, 23rd Apr 2017 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2017

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.

Navigator of EAW2017:

Sun 16/04/17 Arrival    Easter visit
Mon 17/04/17 London Victoria    Relax, freie Wahl oder BWO 1
Tue 18/04/17 Portsmouth and Gosport    RNARS HQ
Wed 19/04/17 Canterbury
Thu 20/04/17 London East End
Fri 21/04/17 AGM    Inspection by VIP
Social   Relax, free choise or BWO 2
Sat 22/04/17 West India Quay with Museum of London    Royal Arsenal Riverside
The Great Spoon of Ilford   
Sun 23/04/17 Ilford    Departure


Some impression to our Arrival and Easter Sunday, 16/04/2017.

eaw17-1604arr_01   eaw17-1604arr_02   eaw17-1604arr_03

Flight from HAM to LHR with British Airways

eaw17-1604arr_04   eaw17-1604arr_05   eaw17-1604arr_06


Some impression to Easter on Easter Sunday, 16/04/2017.


Happy Easter dear friends

eaw17-1604ab_01   eaw17-1604ab_02   eaw17-1604ab_03

At Barclay's

eaw17-1604ab_04   eaw17-1604ab_05   eaw17-1604ab_06


In memoriam GØTBD Terry
sk 2015


On Monday, 17/04/2017, we drove to Victoria station first to get the tickets for tomorrow.


Riding the subway is fun
and fast from A to B.

eaw17-1704vic_02   eaw17-1704vic_03   eaw17-1704vic_04

Victoria station

eaw17-1704vic_05   eaw17-1704vic_06


On Monday, 17/04/2017, followed a visit of the HMS "Belfast".


We reached the London Bridge

eaw17-1704bwo1_01   eaw17-1704bwo1_02   eaw17-1704bwo1_03  

Modernization of London Bridge station and Hays Galleria
Tooley Street

eaw17-1704bwo1_04   eaw17-1704bwo1_05



HMS "Belfast" at its permanent berth on the river Thames

eaw17-1704bwo1_07   eaw17-1704bwo1_08   eaw17-1704bwo1_09   eaw17-1704bwo1_10

Maren went aboard

eaw17-1704bwo1_11   eaw17-1704bwo1_12

Welcome aboard HMS "Belfast"

eaw17-1704bwo1_13   eaw17-1704bwo1_14   eaw17-1704bwo1_15

Maren met Abdel and Jorgen

Jorgen took us to BWO.

eaw17-1704bwo1_17   eaw17-1704bwo1_16   eaw17-1704bwo1_18   eaw17-1704bwo1_19

Workplaces at BWO

eaw17-1704bwo1_20   eaw17-1704bwo1_21

high ranking visit
Rod 2EØRPS, now as a supervisor

eaw17-1704bwo1_22   eaw17-1704bwo1_23   eaw17-1704bwo1_24

Rod, Jorgen and Maren
had a look at the visitors

This ended our visit to the BWO of the HMSB. See you again on Friday.


Tuesday, 18/04/2017, was earmarked to visiting the RNARS headquarter (HQ) at HMS Collingwood.
First we drove to Gosport to meeting our good old friend Doug G4BEQ.

eaw17-1804pmh_00   eaw17-1804pmh_01   eaw17-1804pmh_02

London Waterloo
starting in a moment

eaw17-1804pmh_03   eaw17-1804pmh_05   eaw17-1804pmh_04

by train to the West

eaw17-1804pmh_06   eaw17-1804pmh_07   eaw17-1804pmh_08   eaw17-1804pmh_09


eaw17-1804pmh_10   eaw17-1804pmh_12   eaw17-1804pmh_11

A warm welcome
Doug G4BEQ und Maren DK9MOS


On Tuesday, 18/04/2017, now futher on to the RNARS headquarter (HQ) at HMS Colling-wood.

eaw17-1804rnhq_01   eaw17-1804rnhq_02   eaw17-1804rnhq_03  

Doug G4BEQ and Maren DK9MOS at the gate to RNARS HQ

eaw17-1804rnhq_04   eaw17-1804rnhq_05   eaw17-1804rnhq_06   eaw17-1804rnhq_07

Radio operation and meeting friends at HQ

eaw17-1804rnhq_08   eaw17-1804rnhq_09   eaw17-1804rnhq_10   eaw17-1804rnhq_11


A visit to Doug followed.

eaw17-1804rnhq_12   eaw17-1804rnhq_13   eaw17-1804rnhq_14  

Lou and Doug's home
with Joe G3ZDF

eaw17-1804rnhq_15   eaw17-1804rnhq_00  

Rolling home

Unfortunately back to London.


On Wednesday, 19/04/2017, we took a visit to Canterbury.

eaw17-1904can_00   eaw17-1904can_01   eaw17-1904can_04

We reached Canterbury by bus

eaw17-1904can_05   eaw17-1904can_06   eaw17-1904can_08   eaw17-1904can_10



Welcome to Canterbury

eaw17-1904can_05   eaw17-1904can_06   eaw17-1904can_08   eaw17-1904can_10

in front of the Cathedral

eaw17-1904can_17   eaw17-1904can_19   eaw17-1904can_20

eaw17-1904can_22   eaw17-1904can_24   eaw17-1904can_25   eaw17-1904can_27

Cathedral of Canterbury

eaw17-1904can_29   eaw17-1904can_31   eaw17-1904can_32   eaw17-1904can_34

eaw17-1904can_36   eaw17-1904can_38   eaw17-1904can_39   eaw17-1904can_43

inside the Cathedral

eaw17-1904can_45   eaw17-1904can_46   eaw17-1904can_47

eaw17-1904can_51   eaw17-1904can_52   eaw17-1904can_54


eaw17-1904can_56   eaw17-1904can_57   eaw17-1904can_58

Tour of Canterbury

eaw17-1904can_59   eaw17-1904can_60   eaw17-1904can_61

After strengthening further city stroll

eaw17-1904can_62   eaw17-1904can_65   eaw17-1904can_67

eaw17-1904can_69   eaw17-1904can_70   eaw17-1904can_71   eaw17-1904can_73

eaw17-1904can_74   eaw17-1904can_75   eaw17-1904can_76   eaw17-1904can_78


Movement makes you hungry.

eaw17-1904can_80   eaw17-1904can_84   eaw17-1904can_86   eaw17-1904can_87

small reinforcement

eaw17-1904can_89   eaw17-1904can_91   eaw17-1904can_93

along the city wall to the bus station

eaw17-1904can_94   eaw17-1904can_95   eaw17-1804rnhq_00

Back to our hotel


On Thursday, 20/04/2017, we had a visit to East End in London.

eaw17-2004east_01   eaw17-2004east_02   eaw17-2004east_03   eaw17-2004east_04  

We reached East End by subway, the rest we walked.


Spital Fields

eaw17-2004east_06   eaw17-2004east_07   eaw17-2004east_08   eaw17-2004east_09  

Spital Fields market

eaw17-2004east_10   eaw17-2004east_11   eaw17-2004east_14   eaw17-2004east_15  

eaw17-2004east_16   eaw17-2004east_17   eaw17-2004east_18   eaw17-2004east_20  


eaw17-2004east_23   eaw17-2004east_24   eaw17-2004east_25


Further on to Brick Lane.

eaw17-2004east_29   eaw17-2004east_30  


eaw17-2004east_31   eaw17-2004east_34   eaw17-2004east_40   eaw17-2004east_43  

Brick Lane

eaw17-2004east_45   eaw17-2004east_48   eaw17-2004east_50   eaw17-2004east_53  

eaw17-2004east_55   eaw17-2004east_56   eaw17-2004east_57   eaw17-2004east_60  

eaw17-2004east_63   eaw17-2004east_64   eaw17-2004east_66   eaw17-2004east_67  

Searching for Dinner

eaw17-2004east_69   eaw17-2004east_73   eaw17-2004east_76  

'Aladin' found

eaw17-2004east_78   eaw17-2004east_80   eaw17-2004east_82  

nice facility

eaw17-2004east_83   eaw17-2004east_86  

We enjoyed the Dinner

eaw17-2004east_88   eaw17-2004east_89   eaw17-2004east_92  


We went on to the next subway.

eaw17-2004east_94   eaw17-2004east_95   eaw17-2004east_96  


From Aldgate to Ilford.



eaw17-2004east_101   eaw17-2004east_102   eaw17-2004east_106   eaw17-2004east_108  

Valentines Park

eaw17-2004east_109   eaw17-2004east_110   eaw17-2004east_113   eaw17-2004east_116  

eaw17-2004east_119   eaw17-2004east_117   eaw17-2004east_123  


Continue past the hotel to Angelika.

eaw17-2004east_127   eaw17-2004east_124  

Visit to Angelika 2E1GDC
Our thanks for the nice evening.


AGM took place aboard HMS "Belfast" on Friday, 21/04/2017

eaw17-2104agm_06   eaw17-2104agm_01   eaw17-2104agm_02

On to the AGM

eaw17-2104agm_03   eaw17-2104agm_04   eaw17-2104agm_05

Coffee or Tea

eaw17-2104agm_07   eaw17-2104agm_08   eaw17-2104agm_09   eaw17-2104agm_10  

assembled members


Committee of the London Group

eaw17-2104agm_13   eaw17-2104agm_14   eaw17-2104agm_15

discussions at AGM
among others Dave 2EØGLL and Joe G3ZDF, board member RNARS


VIP Cdr James Nisbet VR RNR
with Marc GØTOC


Inspection by VIP aboard HMS "Belfast" on 21/04/2017

eaw17-2104vip_01   eaw17-2104vip_02   eaw17-2104vip_04

Inspection of London Group by VIP


Inspection of London Group by VIP Cdr James Nisbet VR RNR
here at Maren DK9MOS

eaw17-2104vip_05   eaw17-2104vip_07   eaw17-2104vip_08

inspection successful


VIP Cdr James Nisbet VR RNR surrounded by London Group

Please follow us down to the social.


After the "stress" on 21/04/2017 we joined the Social in the wardroom of HMS "Belfast".

eaw17-2104soc_01   eaw17-2104soc_03   eaw17-2104soc_02


eaw17-2104soc_01   eaw17-2104soc_03   eaw17-2104soc_02


After the "big stress" on 21/04/2017 we joined the BWO of HMS "Belfast".

eaw17-2104bwo2_01   eaw17-2104bwo2_04   eaw17-2104bwo2_03


eaw17-2104bwo2_02   eaw17-2104bwo2_05   eaw17-2104bwo2_06


Our Saturday excursion started with a visit to West India Quay as well as a visit of the Museum of London on 22/04/2017.

eaw17-2204west_02   eaw17-2204west_01   eaw17-2204west_03

Drive to West India Quay

eaw17-2204west_04   eaw17-2204west_05   eaw17-2204west_06   eaw17-2204west_07

West India Quay

eaw17-2204west_08   eaw17-2204west_09   eaw17-2204west_10   eaw17-2204west_11

eaw17-2204west_12   eaw17-2204west_13   eaw17-2204west_14   eaw17-2204west_15


Continue to the Museum of London docklands.

eaw17-2204west_16   eaw17-2204west_17   eaw17-2204west_19   eaw17-2204west_18

Museum of London

eaw17-2204west_20   eaw17-2204west_21   eaw17-2204west_22   eaw17-2204west_23

our tour

eaw17-2204west_24   eaw17-2204west_25   eaw17-2204west_26   eaw17-2204west_28

eaw17-2204west_29   eaw17-2204west_30   eaw17-2204west_31


eaw17-2204west_33   eaw17-2204west_34   eaw17-2204west_35   eaw17-2204west_36

eaw17-2204west_39   eaw17-2204west_37   eaw17-2204west_40

Museum of London
The Beatles - in the center

eaw17-2204west_41   eaw17-2204west_42   eaw17-2204west_43   eaw17-2204west_44

eaw17-2204west_45   eaw17-2204west_46   eaw17-2204west_47   eaw17-2204west_48

Let's move on

eaw17-2204west_49   eaw17-2204west_50   eaw17-2204west_51   eaw17-2204west_53

eaw17-2204west_54   eaw17-2204west_56   eaw17-2204west_57   eaw17-2204west_58

Museum of London

eaw17-2204west_59   eaw17-2204west_60   eaw17-2204west_61   eaw17-2204west_62

eaw17-2204west_63   eaw17-2204west_64   eaw17-2204west_65   eaw17-2204west_66

eaw17-2204west_67   eaw17-2204west_68   eaw17-2204west_70

We left the Museum

eaw17-2204west_71   eaw17-2204west_72   eaw17-2204west_73

Furtheron to RAR (Royal Arsenal)


Futheron to the Royal Arsenal Riverside at 22/04/2017.

eaw17-2204rar_01   eaw17-2204rar_02   eaw17-2204rar_03

Royal Arsenal Riverside

eaw17-2204rar_04   eaw17-2204rar_05   eaw17-2204rar_06

Woolwich market

eaw17-2204rar_07   eaw17-2204rar_08   eaw17-2204rar_10   eaw17-2204rar_09

eaw17-2204rar_11   eaw17-2204rar_12

Royal Arsenal riverside

eaw17-2204rar_13   eaw17-2204rar_14   eaw17-2204rar_15   eaw17-2204rar_16

eaw17-2204rar_18   eaw17-2204rar_17   eaw17-2204rar_19


eaw17-2204rar_20   eaw17-2204rar_21   eaw17-2204rar_23

eaw17-2204rar_24   eaw17-2204rar_26   eaw17-2204rar_28   eaw17-2204rar_30

Royal Arsenal pier

eaw17-2204rar_31   eaw17-2204rar_32   eaw17-2204rar_33   eaw17-2204rar_35

Royal Arsenal

eaw17-2204rar_37   eaw17-2204rar_38   eaw17-2204rar_39

London City Airport

eaw17-2204rar_40   eaw17-2204rar_41   eaw17-2204rar_42   eaw17-2204rar_44

towards London

eaw17-2204rar_46   eaw17-2204rar_47   eaw17-2204rar_48


Saturday evening we met Angelika at Great Spoon in Ilford for a common dinner on 22/04/2017.

eaw17-2204gsi_01   eaw17-1804rnhq_00   eaw17-2204gsi_02

Short break at the hotel

eaw17-2204gsi_04   eaw17-2204gsi_05   eaw17-2204gsi_06

We met Angelika


Great Spoon of Ilford

eaw17-2204gsi_07   eaw17-2204gsi_09   eaw17-2204gsi_10   eaw17-2204gsi_11



Maren, Angelika and Steven

Have a good night and till soon dear friends.


Our last day started with a stroll through Ilford on Sunday, 23/04/2017.

eaw17-2304ill_01   eaw17-2304ill_02   eaw17-2304ill_03   eaw17-2304ill_05  



Town hall

eaw17-2304ill_06   eaw17-2304ill_07   eaw17-2304ill_08


eaw17-2304ill_09   eaw17-2304ill_10   eaw17-2304ill_11   eaw17-2304ill_12

eaw17-2304ill_13   eaw17-2304ill_14  

Ilford station


eaw17-2304ill_09   eaw17-2304ill_18   eaw17-2304ill_17

Bye Ilford. See you soon.

We went on to the airport.


Departure on Sonntag, 23/04/2017

eaw17-2304dep_01   eaw17-2304dep_02   eaw17-2304dep_03

Waiting at Heathrow for departure

eaw17-2304dep_04   eaw17-2304dep_05   eaw17-2304dep_06


Our happy time with friends passed far too quickly. Sincere thanks to our hosts who made it possible again for all of us to have an unforgettable time.


Tower Bridge at night

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

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