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Easter Activity Week 2020

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HMS "Belfast"

Monday, 13th Apr 2020 till Sunday, 19th Apr 2020 inclusive

The RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group held their usual yearly activity on board HMS Belfast. For this special occasion members travelled from many countries to be heard all across the bands worldwide with the call sign GB2RN. This is the amateur station which is situated in the bridge wireless office (BWO) on board the cruiser HMS Belfast.

EAW invitation 2020

Due to the Corona Pandemic, access to HMS Belfast is prohibited.
The EAW2020 will be postponed.

We ask for your understanding.

A special QSL card will be printed to confirm all contacts.


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Mon 13/04/20 Easter


Some impression to Easter.


Happy Easter, dear friends

Stay healthy !

more to follow


Our happy time with friends passed far too quickly. Sincere thanks to our hosts who made it possible again for all of us to have an unforgettable time.


Tower Bridge at night

London and HMS "Belfast": I shall return!

Responsible: Hans-Jürgen DK9OS, MF787 RN4636 LG609


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