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What we do

We have established an amateur radio station in the Bridge Wireless Office of HMS Belfast:
RNARS London (HMS "Belfast") Group, Queen's Walk, London SE1 2JH, England

Normal callsign is GB2RN.

Membership shall be open to all persons and Amateur Radio groups who are interested in the aims of the London Group.
We extend hospitality (with means at our disposal) to visiting amateurs, short wave listeners and legal citizen band operators.

We operate GB2RN as often as possible, our declared intention is to have regular rostered operation of the station.
(In 2003 the station was operated on 153 occations).

We hold an Annual Activity Period from the Easter Monday until the Sunday after. Other activity periods are encouraged.
We try to participate in all the major national and international contests.

Further information:
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Belfast C&Rs.pdf
Belfast Guide to shack.pdf
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